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Mission Statement Inside Front Cover 2 A Message from the Board of Directors 3 4 China Project Report 5 6 General Secretary Report 7 8 Event highlight 9 10 LifeCare Ministry 10 11 Radio Ministry 11 12 New Media development 13 Production Trip Photos 14 18 USA Branch Report 19 20 Hong Kong Branch Report 21 Reports from Various Working Committees 22 Vancouver 23 24 Australia 24 25 New Zealand 25 2016 28 Operations Budget 2016 29 30 Personnel Chart 31 32 Global Broadcast Network 32 TableofContents 2 AMessagefromtheBoardofDirectors 32417 212-13 Rev.JohnStott TheRadicalDisciple 2 3 AMessagefromtheBoardofDirectors INTRODUCTIONLIFE CHANGES BUT JESUS NEVER In His beginning years of teaching Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom Repent for the kingdom of God is near. Matt 32 417. Since then the Kingdom of God has invaded and overcome the kingdom of darkness through His teachings His death and His resurrection. When Jesus preached this gospel He as the King was physically so near and literally living among us. Jesus taught healed calmed the stormy seas died and resurrected in victory. He gained the authority of Heaven and earth for us. Now His King- dom dwells in our hearts and casted out the power of sin. Life is transformed in a world of chaos. MISSIONAL LIFE OF CHRISTIANS Christ is not just near but deep in the Christian soul His trans- forming power indwells deeply in us. We have become like Him in our attitude about the Kingdom because God works in us to will and to act. Phil 212-13 The emphasis is that God not only works in us to will but also through us to act in this world which is near the end. This reminds us about our missional life that works with the King of Kings who is enthroned forever. CONTENT MATTERS TO SOBEM MEDIA AND YOU SOBEM life stories program half an hour on TV and even lon- ger on radio have been telling the world how Christ transforms life so near and deep into many individuals. Our ministry is also on a path of transformation with our long term ministry planning moving into the third year. The biggest challenge is not being tech- nology and skills savvy but the content of real life stories. Whatev- er life story programs we produce long or short they must reveal the beauty of Jesus for He is still living so near and deep inside each of us. The message of faith hope and love in Him is always alive in His disciples. In Rev. John Stotts final book The Radical Disciple his calling has added on to inspire a global missional movement of disci- ple-making. SOBEM celebrates on her 29th year with the empha- sis of discipleship in partnering with Chinese churches locally and globally in evangelism. We are also working hand in hand at three levels over the skies for program casting on the ground to reach people directly across internet with new media. The development of new media platforms and products is SOBEMs clear calling to sharpen the message and strengthen the impact of the Gospel beyond the number of converts towards a personal decision to become a disciple of Christ. SOBEMs gospel ministry towards discipleship is about maintain- ing partnership with all churches missionary agencies and fellow Christians in Chinese communities around the world. On top of conventional TV and radio our new media platforms will become major channels for our global Chinese Christian community. We can upload download streaming and sharing life stories to wit- ness Christ who is so near to us and deep in us to transform lives in hundreds of millions across places with different cultural back- grounds and languages such as Cantonese Mandarin English and even Spanish. THANKSGIVING The Board of Directors would like to ask for your continuous and prayerful supports in this missional vision and endeavor. We would like to thank everyone around the globe who has faithful- ly supported SOBEM. Thanks also to those at board and opera- tion levels in our global SOBEM family who contributed to the recent completion of our China production project Legends of Overseas Chinese which was started about five years ago to be detailed in a separate report here. We praise the Lord and thank- ful for the unparalleled ministry contribution from our staff members in Toronto and Vancouver also staff and volunteers participating in our committees and boards around the world who work closely with Rev. Jim Tam and Mr. Eric Chau to move forward our ministry. Thanks once again for your partnering and contributive support for our pursuit in gospel ministry towards radical discipleship of Christ and so as to uphold the power of His love. With the new media environment unfolding lets take heed to a renewed call- ing - people is media which shall turn into radical discipleship influence. In this light we believe one day stories of each of you may be told on SOBEM platforms towards eternity. LifeTransformationStories Near to Us and Deep in Us LifeTransformationStories Near to Us and Deep in Us SOBEM Board of Directors 3 4 CCTV QQ QQ Youtube 846 QQ 20142015 ChinaProjectReport 5 Legend of Overseas Chinese is a TV series to enthuse and inspire people. Produced with a measured and step by step ap- proach to lead viewers to know Christian faith it aims at help- ing them develop a positive life direction while reflecting on life value. This series is also a great platform for overseas Chinese Christians to share their faith to families and friends in China. The whole series consists of 55 episodes from 54 guests who are devoted Christians from different parts of the world. Every fea- tured guest longs for sharing their faith journey with the kins hoping to guide them to a positive life view with peace and hope and in the end come to know and accept Jesus Christ. The whole series has been broadcast through seven TV stations in Chi- na and the ONE TV broadband and satellite service as well as on internet platforms in China. Some episodes were broadcast on CCTV Discovery Channel in China while some materials were re-edited into traditional gospel version and televised on SOBEMs TV network and on internet platforms. Posting on QQ Tencent Note 1 started phasing in from May 2013. Among all 55 episodes posted 34 of them have been fine- tuned and re-edited. We are thankful to tell the viewers count has accumulated over five million and sixty thousand as of Jan 31 2016. Our next job is to provide QQ with an introductory note of about 300 words for each featured story. At time intervals a batch of five guests will be promoted. Further works will be launching its WeiXin public account to present songs three min- utes videos story excerpts and pictures. Each of these guests will be featured in every two days and will be repeated every week with a seven minutes video. With all these people can share with families and friends through social media so as to achieve direct promotional effect. The programs will also be uploaded to You- tube for more effective viewing outside China. We sincerely appreciate the contributions by our partner in Chi- na China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture and production company Huizhong Viewpoint Beijing Cul- tural Communication Co. Ltd. They have encountered many challenges and unexpected issues. Through their hard work dedication and determination the programs were successfully aired from TVs in China and uploaded to the Internet in China. The total expense of the project is around eight hundred thou- sand Canadian dollars Note 2 which was raised jointly by SOBEM Headquarters in Canada SOBEM USA and SOBEM HK. Local filming supports were also provided by SOBEM USA SOBEM HK SOBEM Australia Committee and SOBEM Van- couver Committee. We are grateful to your support and patience till the completion of the project. May you find delight to share these stories to your family and friends and to witness God to- gether. We continue to covet your prayers and support. We look forward to Gods provision of resources to produce similar pro- grams in future. As they pass through the Valley of Baca they make it a place of springs the autumn rains also cover it with pools. Psalms 846 Note 1 To view the programs in QQ please enter first then search for . Note 2 The detailed financial report is in the 2014 year book. In 2015 SOBEM Headquarters in Canada has an accumulated surplus of CAD4000 whereas SOBEM USA and SOBEM HK will have their individual financial reports. Legend of Overseas Chinese China Ministry Committee SOBEM ChinaProjectReport 6 ISIS Facebook VODVideo On Demand TVBAnywhere YouTubeFacebook GeneralSecretaryReport 7 AChallenging Year Drought in Ethiopia Super typhoons in Asia 7.8 quake in Nepal and US Midwest flood were all due to climate change. Impacted further by ISIS terror- ism and economic instability globally nothing was sure except fear. We know the only way out is keep praying and trusting God to keep on serving Him. We thank for Gods grace and power to strengthen and protect us. Financial Challenges In October we had a cash flow gap projection at its largest of nearly 600000 but miraculously turned around to be sufficient by year end. Tele- thon special appeals annual banquets and public events also helped substantially with our funding needs. Reaching People in Community With three gospel event series in North America attracted over 12000 people to 24 gospel events and Sunday services and brought over 400 of them to Christ. In Toronto and Vancouver we had Cousin have you accepted Christ in June-Ju- ly and Red Black Yellow Colorful Life Sharing Night in October-November. In San Francisco headquarters supported Best Blessing in Life in which five gospel events attracted 2500 people and brought about 130 new converts. Life Stories Everywhere South Africa Australia Taiwan Venezuela Ed- monton Toronto Turkey Greece Rome Lu Zhou Szechuan China and Hong Kong are plac- es where we collected life stories and produced a total of 54 programs 20 by Hong Kong Team in 2015 for broadcast into 2016. These included two creative episodes on Christmas true meaning through music and cuisine. SOBEMs audio pro- duction remained stable despite of prolong man- power shortage and aging facilities. Both Toronto and Vancouver are trying hard to build a young- er radio team and to tap into youth connectors among churches. New Media New Horizons SOBEM family moved on to harness resources for new media ministry in no boundaries. Despite of resource constraints we made encouraging prog- ress 1 SOBEMs first thematic internet platform is ready to quench peoples spiri- tual thirsts. Social and mobile friendly content fo- cused intensive and extensive key words indexing and categorization it enables search life messages for spiritual needs such as sorrow fear anxiety etc. and linked to our program archive. 2 SOBEMs Facebook Community grew with more visits and engagements. Expertise support from Canada and Hong Kong will push on strategic planning in so- cial media use 3 SOBEMs first VOD Video On Demand service through TVB Anywhere in Aus- tralia and Europe. 4 First synchronized release of TV program on YouTube and Facebook with our Christmas Music Special enabling sharing socially. Caring for Life Challenges LifeCare got a stronger volunteer force up to about 90 members to cater for more spiritual needs. Among the 14000 calls doubling previ- ous year most callers listened pre-recorded de- votional messages. About answered 2000 calls were about counseling and faith seeking and with some converted. God With Us Through Challenges Thankfully we overcame financial difficulties and moved on with development especially on new me- dia. From the pinch early 2015 to the joy by year end we made it through praying and working in unity. As another year of new challenges ahead of us with the same old ministry it will be more mind-stretching beyond horizons and needs faith- ful supporters from all of you General Secretary Report Rev. Jim Tam General Secretary Report GeneralSecretaryReport 8 Vision Sharing Fundraising Banquet and Evangelistic Events 9 1. Vision Sharing and Fundraising Banquet Date Keynote Speakers Table Attendance 142 1420 Toronto April 10 11 Rev. Jonathan Kaan Rev. Dick Kaan 80 800 Vancouver June 28 29 Wong Cho-lam Leanne Li 2. Telethon Fundraising 79000 Held during Oct 23 30 this annual fundraising campaign has raised a total of 79000 Donors received a SOBEM desktop calendar as a token of appreciation. 3. Evangelistic Events Two large scale evangelistic events were held in Toronto and Vancouver Cousin Have You Acepted Christ and Red Black Yellow Colorful Life Sharing Night. VisionSharingFundraisingBanquetandEvangelisticEvents CousinHaveYouAcceptedChrist RedBlackYellowColorfulLifeSharingNight Vancouver Toronto Vancouver Toronto 2 9 4 12 Sessions 1200 5200 1214 5750 Attendance 27 276 61 104 Conversion 5 evangelistic meetings and 4 other programs Workshops Senior Home Visits and Gospel Sundays 4 evangelistic meetings and 8 other programs Workshops Senior Home Visits and Gospel Sundays 10 1. LifeCare Hotline Global Summary Call Types Canada Hong Kong US China and Total Europe 11830 Pre-recorded Devotional Message Counselling 253 693 226 1172 Faith Seeking 173 485 59 717 Church Referral 11 12 0 23 Conversion 5 15 1 21 Others 73 39 17 129 Follow up 27 1 0 28 Total 542 1245 303 13920 donation information feedback email etc. 2. The 9th SOBEM LifeCare Training The first part of the training took place during Sep 15 Nov 24. and 23 students were enrolled for the 15 lectures series. The second part internship took place during Dec 2015 Feb 2016. Its graduation ceremony for 22 graduates was held Feb 16 2016 in Milliken Gospel Church. The Annual LifeCare Appreciation Dinner was held on Jan 10 2016 for more than 40 LifeCare volunteers to acknowledge their faithful service. Case sharing LifeCare Ministry 2015 11 LifeCareMinistry 10 Rachel from Singapore started calling the lifecare hotline a few years ago when she left Malaysia to study in England. After graduation she took up a job in Singag- pore. She is still calling the Lifecare ho- tline to talk to the volunteers and to request prayers on-line. She is thankful of the care and prayers of the Lifecare volunteers and The Lords answers to their prayers. 11 httpwww.sobem.orgVideo.cshtmlRadio listen to Rachels full testimony Blessings brought by SOBEM Sojourners Praise the Lord The broadcasting contract at Aruba an island country in the southern Caribbean Sea commenced in 2015 Pray that in the collaboration with a local church life-impact stories of the SOBEM Sojouner productions can bring bountiful blessings to the Chinese population there. More than 30 local witnessing stories from Toronto and more than 10 stories added up from Vancouver and guests of visitors from Hong Kong were broadcast in our program SOBEM Sojourner last year. They share how God has shown his grace and restoration in their lives which they can now bear witness to the Gospel of Christ is the trans- forming power of God and be saved. We are so privileged to be able to hear first-hand about their touching stories in their laughters and tears as they count Gods faithfulness during the recording sessions. By self referral to be a radio testimony guest Rachel Ho visited our studio in the headquarters to record her testimony in last May. Almost a meter tall in stature with a grave illness but with a grateful heart and radical trust in God Rachel counted Gods loving-kindness and saving works in her life. Everyone was truly moved by her testimo- ny during the recording. Moreover for which we greatly appreciated Rachel eagerly desired to come record the testimony to render God glory despite her ill health. What a love she ascribed to her Savior On July 20 2015 a week after her testimony was broadcast we re- ceived the passing news of Rachel. We are very sad about her passing but comforted that she is now in the Lords glorious presence. As we contemplate her testimony given earlier her faith in the Lord helps us overshadow the sadness. We are amazed how the Lord answered her prayers in accordance with her faith in Him. Truly His faithfulness shows to those who put their whole trust in Him We are very thankful to all of our guests who gave their life transform- ing testimonies. We truly believe God will use each one of them for His glory. May we continue to entrust the Lord our radio ministry to be a blessing instrument of His use. To Him be all glory and praise To listen all radio testimonies please visit www.sobem.orgVideo.cshtmlRadio. Radio Ministry RadioMinistry 11 12 13 Exchange experience between young folks of South Africa and Canada sheds light on the other side of the world seeing cultural differences and reflecting on life. 2 0 1 5 February Swayimane Durban 4 Located in southern hemisphere renowned for sunshine beaches deserts and kangaroos there are also laughters tears and life transformed in Christ. Footprints of Life to Honor God Our life encounters around the world in 2015 February March Sydney Melbourne 9 Warm reception sincere shar- ing and help hands its here Taiwanese heartful human touch really touches our hearts. Most northern metropolis of Can- ada came a long way through history of booms and downturns there live people with stories of ups and downs but to witness Gods strength to revive them in trusting Him. May Taipei Taichung Tainan 5 August Edmonton Rich in natural resources but plagued by insufficiency and crime fellow Christian keep sail- ing upstream against adversity to witness the Gods grace. 6 October Caracas San Critobal Pueto La Cruz 8 18 DVD TVB8KTSF26 QQ Seattle Mission Fest 2015 DVD USABranchReport 18 19 As we look back in 2015 we give thanks to God for his gracious guidance. We also thank all the friends and supporters who have prayed for and made financial support to make the many ministries possible. These supports gave us great encouragement. Here are the several SOBEM USA ministry highlights over the year We continue to broadcast SOBEM programs seven days a week over seven television stations and satellite channels providing a total of 800 half-hour television slots at a cost of about US 230000. Through the e-mails and telephone calls from our viewers we were affirmed that the gospel seeds have been spread to every corner. We encourage partner churches to duplicate the SOBEM testimony DVDs for distribution in their various missions and outreach activities. Our office also provides DVD duplicating service for promotions and upon requests from churches and groups. Last year we have printed more than eight thousand DVD copies for distribution. In April we invited Miss Agnes Chiang from Hong Kong to conduct four evangelistic concerts and challenged us with the keynote message during our fund raising dinner. Her message witnessed the power of God and touched peoples hearts. A total of about 200 accepted Christ. Beyond Dreamsin Love SOBEM co-sponsored the large Christian charitable event in Beijing on August 8th. The event was held at the Workers Stadium in Beijing. There were dozens of Christian artists singers athletes coming from mainland China Hong Kong Taiwan and United States jointly performed at the event. There were more than six thousand attended at the location and millions watched through the webcast. The event demonstrated the selfless love of Christ and to raise funds for the development of Chinese orphans welfare projects. The three-hour program has been converted to six half-hour episodes and broadcasted on TVB 8 and KTSF26 stations. These six episodes can also be viewed on YouTube starting with the first episode. In October our US Board representatives attended the Seattle Mission Fest 2015. We conducted a workshop on Church Mission and Gospel Media Ministry met with the Seattlecommitteeandvisitedlocalchurches to encourage the usage of the testimonial DVD in their outreach ministry. In response to the rapid development of the mobile platform in recent years we have begun to develop short gospel version of the testimonies. We start with using the contents from the 55 sets of Legend of OverseasChinesetomakethenew35and7 minutes versions short episodes. So far we have already produced more than 20 sets in various lengths and to be completed with appropriate gospel message. On the other hand in order to save expenses on television broadcast we have ended one of the television airtime at the end of October. Financially we have received a total of 530000 contributions at year end so the 2015 income vs expenses is balanced. We give thanks and praise to our God for His adequate supply. Report from USA Branch USABranchReport 19 20 Facebook 1. NOW552 2.- FM104DBC 1247 3. RoadShow 4. 5. 6. YouTubeFacebook 7. YMCA DVD HongKongBranchReport 20 21 HongKongBranchReport Fourteen years ago Showers Of Blessing Evange- listic Ministry SOBEM was founded in Hong Kong just like a newborn baby. Because of Gods guidance grace and provision SOBEM HK was able to sign the first annual television contract with ATV break- ing through all local norms. By faith we were able to broadcast a series of inspirational and encour- aging TV programs based on real life testimonies. From broadcasting a TV program called Showers Of Blessing on a single TV platform we have now extended our reach to a wide range of media chan- nels. This year we introduced the mobile website SOBEM Mobile and began to use our Facebook page to provide quick access to all of our audio and visual programs online. Ministry distribution 1.TelevisionBroadcastingScheduled broadcast of Showers of Blessing on three television channels - ATV Home and ATV Asia I-Cable Channel One One TV Now 552. 2.RadioBroadcastingScheduled broadcast of SOBEM Sojourner on Metro Finance FM104 and daily broadcast of SOBEM Raindrop on DBC Digital Radio DBC1 DBC2 DBC4 DBC7. 3.PublicTransportationEntertainment Regular showings of Showers of Blessing condensed version are made on 4941 screens on the Cable TV Newsline Express network which covers 5 MTR linesEast Rail Line West Rail Line Ma On Shan Line Kwun Tong Line and Tseung Kwan O Line. Showers of Blessing condensed version is also broadcasted year round on the RoadShow network which consists of overhead screens in 1600 day time buses and 200 overnight buses across Hong Kong Kowloon and the New Territories. 4.ExternalSiteBroadcastingShowers ofBlessingcondensedversionisbroadcasted on newsstand LCD Monitors 82 McDonalds restaurants that open 24-hour 21 Japanese restaurants fast food shops and Chinese restaurants. Showers of Blessing is also broadcasted in the lobby of 660 commercial buildings. 5.PrintMediaTwo full-page colour spreads are published on local newspapers regularly. Friendship with SOBEM is published on Sing Pao Daily News every Thursday. SOBEM Alive is published on Herald Monthly. Testimonies from Showers of Blessing are also included as teaching materials in Bible classes for the primary three and the New Senior Secondary curriculum. 6.NewMediaShowers of Blessing can be viewed on the mobile website SOBEM MobileourofficialwebsiteYouTubeFacebook QQLive Tudou as well as our evangelistic ministry partners Harmony Channel and Good TV Hong Kong Broadcasting Limited. 7.Other broadcasting channels include the Sheung Wan Commercial Building YMCA hotels other hotels across the Pearl River Delta clinics hospitals schools elderly centers community centers and outdoor large screen TVs. We also produce 20000 DVDs annually for free distribution. We are willing to be devoted and diligent servants for our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us move forward to- gether as showers of blessing to glorify God and bring the Good News to the ends of the world. Report from Hong Kong Branch 21 22 ReportfromVancouverCommittee 217 22 23 ReportfromVancouverCommittee Year 2015 indeed was a year of visions and dreams. Among all the evangelistic meetings this year we saw one of them seated with 1200 people. If not for capacity limit more people would have been let in. That time we saw a lot of youths coming to Christ. It was also the first time ever we co-hosted events with local Chinese Churches four of them for different ses- sions. We also saw senior people walking to the altar withwalkerstotelltheirdecisiontofollowChrist.This year we forged on with a younger force by shaping up our piloting filming crew with more youths whereas a team of youngsters has joined force as radio program hosts. Meanwhile our Vancouver Committee became strengthened with a new member to broaden our net- work and to enrich our thinking. Yes in the last days God surely pours out His spirit on our ministry and we are happy to make the following reports TV Radio and LifeCare Ministry During April and May we had four Vancouver life stories aired on TV. This added not only to the sense of belonging of local audience here but also increased ourcontactpointsinVancouver.Thereforewearevery eager in developing a stable small filming crew here to dolocalfilmingforHeadquartersediting.Actuallythe crew had just finished filming one story at the end of 2015anditwillbeairedthenextyear.Wehavebudget- ed for the year 2016 to film more. On radio we have done 12 stories for our radio pro- gram SOBEM Sojourners and added in three young hosts to brighten up interviews. Our goal is to inter- view people from all walks of life with different char- acteristics and across ages so as to bring different kinds of people to our God who gives us eternal life. As for our LifeCare Ministry we received more than 150 telephone calls. With our team of three staff mem- bers and eight volunteers we were able to handle all kinds of requests like counselling praying looking for churches and getting our products. EvangelisticMeetingsandChurchSharing June 25 Cousin have you accepted Christ ChoLam and Leanne Wong Life Sharing event 1200 participants 27 converts. June 2728 SOBEM 28th Anniversary Banquets 800 participants. Oct 30Nov 1 Red Black Yellow Colorful Life Sharing Night in four different churches featur- ing Stephen and Phyllis Au Pastor Sam Lai and Dr. Hilton Chan 1214 participants 61 converts. We were invited to share our ministry vision in six different churches this year and we continued to partner with other mission organizations to har- vest the field for our Lord. DVDDistributionandMissionPartnership Weprovidedmorethan4300DVDs and27 DVD box sets of Church Supporters Plan as evangelical tools for different churches and mission organizations. As all of our DVDs provide Cantonese and Mandarin selec- tion some of them with English subtitles people find it easier to circulate them to meet different language needs. Individuals and organizations doing missions locally and overseas always approached us for these helpful tools. Church and Corporate Support We continued to pray and share constantly our minis- try vision with our supporters. This year we had a total of 35 churches and four corporates supporting us. We also accumulated more individual sponsors. With reg- ular financial backup we are more able to develop our ministry for Gods Kingdom. God has begun His good work in each of us and we believe He will carry it on until the day of Christs re- turn. We shall remain faithful in our media ministry to glorify Him. Report from Vancouver Committee In the last days God says I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams. Acts 217 23 24 TVBA TVBA Alice Spring Report from Australia Committee During the past 12 months the SOBEM AU Committee con- tinued to promote Church Sponsorship partnering with Australian churchespara-churchorganizationsdistributingtothemthe2015box setof20DVDswith40lifestoriesonfree-willofferingbasis.Wealsodis- tributedhundredsofSOBEMDVDsinourChineseNewYearFestival. We have a website to promote SOBEM ministry in Australia linking with SOBEM HQ site in Canada. It is regularly updated with TVBA Australian broadcast informa- tion and program briefs. Monthly we also provide artwork for two banner advertisements on Australia TVBA Guide highlighting two SOBEM programs to be aired during that month. EarliertheyearGeneralSecretaryRev.JimTamandTVProduction Supervisor Felix Fong led HQs TV production team to film several Australian stories in Sydney and Melbourne as well as to the Out- back center of Alice Spring which has a large Aboriginal population. FINANCIAL REPORT Carried Forward from Previous Year AU 5294.38 Total Income from offerings AU 18640.59 Expenses Expenses for duplication of DVDs AU 2760.00 Phone postage web hosting misc. AU 1172.70 Remittance to SOBEM HQ AU 11123.39 Total Expenses AU 15056.09 2015 1231 Balance Dec 31 2015 AU 8878.88 ReportfromAustraliaCommittee 24 25 Report from New Zealand Committee It has been a difficult year for SOBEM NZ committee for we have determined not to renew the contract with the local Chinese TV sta- tionafteritsexpirationinSeptember.Wehavehadmixedfeelingsasit marked the end of an era. There are a number of factors that contributed to such decision. First- ly we realised that the TV broadcast business has passed its heyday while more and more people turn to go online for drama and enter- tainment the trend hits hard on the industry particularly the paid TV service. The second reason would hence be the doubt of the effective- ness of TV screening for our hotline service has never got up to the heat over the past years. Thirdly not many people are able to watch our programs at a specific airtime that we can acquire from the local TV station. The last and most critical reason would be about the sky- rocket broadcasting fee that loaded us with heavy financial burden. We always think that the donations received from fellow Christians can be used more wisely in some other ways. After many times of thorough discussion and fervent prayers the de- cision is made in consultation with Headquarters in Canada. We believe the discontinuation of TV broadcast marks the new op- portune moment that God will lead us into. We are still keeping the quarterly screenings in local theatres and were so overwhelming to see a full house of audience when we conducted the late SOBEM screening in Mandarin language. We also endeavour to work with local churches in reaching out to some Chinese residents in remote small towns with SOBEM testimonies. We pray for further divine inspiration for us to find new means for bearing witnesses for Christ. May God lead our way ahead 25 ReportfromNewZealandCommittee 26 27 2 015 2 016 2015 2016 1478086 1453602 5000 80000 1483086 1533602 10572 3000 1493658 1536602 230267 222940 41546 65440 681914 747808 26531 26213 23753 25332 17826 13542 22635 21775 10508 11395 1054980 1134445 314194 335195 13246 13087 36607 37192 7723 5958 11149 10725 382919 402157 1437899 1536602 55759 0 37734 36387 6213 6531 1771 1888 14817 14817 4776 59623 434913 OperationsBudget2016 28 CANADA OPERATIONS 2015 FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND 2016 B UDGET ACCRUAL BASIS 2015 Actual 2016 Budget REVENUE DONATIONS GENERAL DONATION 1478086 1453602 SPECIAL DONATION 5000 80000 TOTAL DONATIONS 1483086 1533602 OTHER INCOME 10572 3000 TOTAL REVENUE 1493658 1536602 EXPENSES MINISTRIES EXPENSES TV RADIO PRODUCTION EXPENSES AIRTIME 230267 222940 LIFECARE AV OUTREACHING MINISTRY TRAVELLING 41546 65440 SALARIES TAXES HONORARIUM 681914 747808 PROPERTY TAX UTILITIES REPAIR MAINTENANCE 26531 26213 HST PAID OFFICE EXPENSES 23753 25332 POSTAGE COURIER PRINTING STATIONERY 17826 13542 TELEPHONE LONG DISTANCE CALLS 22635 21775 WEBSITE HOSTING AND INTERNET EXPENSES 10508 11395 1054980 1134445 ADMINISTRATION EXPENSES SALARIES TAXES HONORARIUM 314194 335195 PROPERTY TAX UTILITIES REPAIR MAINTENANCE 13246 13087 HST PAID INTEREST TRAVELLING SOFTWARE INTERNET MISC. 36607 37192 POSTAGE COURIER PRINTING STATIONERY 7723 5958 TELEPHONE LONG DISTANCE CALLS 11149 10725 382919 402157 TOTAL EXPENSES 1437899 1536602 NET REVENUE BEFORE DEPRECIATION EXPENSES 55759 0 DEPRECIATION EXPENSES AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT 37734 36387 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT 6213 6531 FURNITURE FIXTURES LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENT 1771 1888 BUILDING 14817 14817 NET REVENUE AFTER DEPRECIATION EXPENSES 4776 59623 OPERATING FUND IS 434913 NOTE ACTUAL GENERAL DONATIONS FOR 2015 INCLUDES DONATIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS COMPANIES CHURCHES AS WELL AS SPECIAL FUND RAISING PROJECTS REMARK THIS IS A CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND BUDGET FOR BOTH TORONTO AND VANCOUVER. OperationsBudget2016 29 30 Headquarters Board of Directors Chairman Rev. Dr. Michael Lau Treasurer Mr. Albert Lee Secretary Mr. Sammy Lee Directors Dr. Gabriel Chan Rev. Dr. Matthew Chiu Dr. Patrick Fung Rev. David Wang Rev. Dr. Tommy Wong Mr. Timothy Yeung Staff General Secretary Rev. Jim Tam Deputy General Secretary Mr. Eric Chau Operations Department Manager Mrs. Prisca Kwok Finance Officer Ms. Wing Wong Operations Assistant Ms. Josephine Li Administrative Assistant Mrs. Lana Hung Finance Officer Mrs. Lucas Hui AV Outreaching Assistant Mrs. Janette Chang SecretaryTranslator Mrs. Alice So TV Production Department Senior Administrative Officer Mrs. Christine Chan Production Supervisor Mr. Felix Fong EFPTechnical Supervisor Mr. Kelvin Chiu Assistant Producer Ms. Anye Xu Assistant Editor Ms. Yan Wong Senior Editor Mr. Edison Ma Post Production Assistant Mr. C. T. Mok Post Production Assistant Mr. William Chan Production Assistant Ms. Maggie Yim Production Assistant Ms. Mia Wu Multi-lingual Production Coordinator Mr. George Wang Radio Production Department Manager Mr. Andrew Law Hostess Mrs. Gellien Lo Production Assistant Mr. Gordon Chan Administrative Assistant Mrs. May Chan Media Communications Department Manager Mrs. Polly Wong Graphic Designer Mrs. Fiona Goh New Media Coordinator Ms. Grace Tsoi Advisors Global Mr. Chi Nin Chan Rev. David Chan Rev. Hay Him Chan Dr. Hilton Chan Rev. Wilson Chan Rev. Kam Cheong Po Rev. Fuk Mun Cheung Mrs Yen Ping Chiao-Liu Mr. James Chu Mr. John Chu Rev. Samuel Chu Rev. Ka Lok Chung Mrs. Jaclyn Kwok Rev. Paul Lai Rev. Peter Lam Rev. Timothy Lau Rev. Abraham Lee Mr. Daniel Kam Hung Lee Rev. Ping Kwong Li Mr. Thomas Leung Dr. Thomas Leung Rev. Simon Li Rev. Kwok Tung Ma Rev. Hay Chun Maak Rev. Peter Mah Rev. Chadwin Mak Mr. David Mok Rev. David Ng Rev. David Poon Mr. John Pratt Mrs. Kai Yum Teng-Cheung Rev. Gabriel Tsang Rev. Michael W. Tsang Dr. Milton Wan Rev. Andrew Wong Rev. David Wong Dr. Fook Yee Wong Rev. Joseph Wong Rev. Nick Wong Rev. Simon Wong Dr. Daniel Wu Mr. Kenneth Yeung Rev. Tin Yau Yuen Rev. Paul Yung Personnel Chart PersonnelChart 30 31 USA Branch Board of Directors Co-chairmen Mr. Kenneth Yeung Mr. Thomas Fong Directors Ms. Alicia Chan Ms. Maisie Chan Mr. John Fang Dr. Patrick Fung Mr. Gibson Lam Mr. Gilbert Lee Mr. Andrew Lei Mr. Albert Lin Rev. Dr. Michael Lau Mr. Wilson Young Staff Administrative Assistant Ms. Kitty Lo Hong Kong Branch Board of Directors Chairman Dr. Andrew Yang Treasurer Dr. Denny Ho Directors Mr. Paul Chan Dr. Patrick Fung Rev. Ella Hung Rev. Dr. Michael Lau Mr. Sammy Lee Rev. Stephen Leung Mr. Eddie Mui Staff Executive Secretary Ms. Elda Chu Administrative Officer Ms. Vicky Chu Assistant Ministry Officer Mr. Tommy Yu Ministry Assistant Ms. Sannie Chan Vancouver Working Committee Chairman Mrs. Deborah Li Members Mr. Esmond Chow Mr. Kenneth Tsang Mr. Simon Wong Staff Ministry Officer Mrs. Grace Hui Ministry Coordinator Mrs. Wendy Huen Administrative Officer Mr. Steven Li Australia Working Committee Chairman Rev. Kephas Wong Treasurer Rev. Stephen Li Secretary Mr. Barnabas Chan New Zealand Working Committee Chairman Rev. Fankun Chan Vice Chairman Treasurer Rev. Albert Tang Technical In Charge Mr. Alan Wong Secretary Ms. Eling Wong Hotline Coordinator Rev. 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